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Golden Eagle Foundation Launches Charity Campaign in Albania

December 18, 2023
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The Golden Eagle Foundation has announced the start of a charitable campaign in Albania that will continue from 02 October until December 31/2023. This is a great endeavor. The foundation, in collaboration with Frutex Company, strives to provide a distinctive contribution to charity by allocating 5 lekë from each Golden Eagle product sold.

This humanitarian project is a dedication to creating a real difference in the lives of those in need. The foundation’s main objective is to raise a significant amount of 250,000 euros and the funds will be used to assist families in Albania who are dealing with various difficulties.

The partnership with Frutex Company adds an innovative twist to the campaign. 5 lekë will be donated to the foundation’s charitable endeavors for each Golden Eagle item sold. This strategic partnership not only enhances the scope of the campaign but also ensures a continuous and sustainable means of support.

The foundation invites the submission of cases via its official email, [email protected], in order to streamline the beneficiary selection process. A dedicated commission within the foundation will meticulously review and prioritize the cases, taking into consideration the available budgetary resources.

The foundation acknowledges the importance of transparency and accountability in such endeavors. As a result, great care will be taken in the selection process to make sure the money go to the people in the community who need them the most. The foundation actively works to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate in addition to providing financial support.

The Golden Eagle Foundation invites everyone to support this admirable cause as the campaign progresses. Every donation matters, whether it comes from buying Golden Eagle goods or from raising awareness of the program.

As we embark on this altruistic journey together, let’s exemplify the spirit of unity and compassion. In the communities that most need it, we can work together to make a significant difference and bring about constructive change.

For further details and to submit cases for consideration, please contact the foundation at [email protected].

Stay tuned for updates as we collectively work towards a brighter and more compassionate future for Albania.

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