Golden Eagle Foundation Launches Charity Campaign in Albania

The Golden Eagle Foundation has announced the start of a charitable campaign in Albania that will continue from 02 October until December 31/2023. This is a great endeavor. The foundation, in collaboration with Frutex Company, strives to provide a distinctive contribution to charity by allocating 5 lekë from each Golden Eagle product sold.

Join our journey to change lives!

We are utterly committed to serving our community to the best of our abilities.

Join us! Together, we can make a lot happen!

Join our journey, to change lives!

The Golden Eagle Foundation, a charitable organization founded in 2015, with its main goal to provide help and support to people in need. With a clear vision to create a positive difference in the lives of affected people and communities, the Foundation has developed a strong mission and is committed to humanitarian service.
From its founding year until now, the Golden Eagle Foundation has worked diligently to identify, address and resolve the various challenges and needs of addicted individuals and communities. In addition to material aid, the Foundation has distributed resources and information to promote sustainable development and empower communities to manage their challenges.
With an ongoing commitment to improve living conditions and ensure equal opportunities for all, the Golden Eagle Foundation continues to be a catalyst for positive change in the society it operates in and beyond.


"Happiness is found in giving, not receiving."

The Golden Eagle Foundation is dedicated to the belief that happiness is derived from giving rather than receiving. With a steadfast commitment to supporting the community, the organization actively participates in providing nourishing meals to those in need and consistently donates food to charitable causes. These concrete actions reflect the foundation's unwavering dedication to making a positive impact and staying rooted in the values of generosity and community support.

The factory that employs people with special needs.

Freesia, a Golden Eagle Foundation project, is a beacon of hope for inclusion and empowerment. Dedicated to providing meaningful job opportunities for individuals with special needs, Freesia envisions a diverse workplace that values unique abilities. Committed to breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity, it transforms lives and fosters a society where everyone can thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Support people with special needs by buying Freesia products.

Freesia Paper - 2 rolls

Freesia Paper - 4 rolls

Freesia Paper - 10 rolls

Our path to humanitarian impact

These challenges will require long-term investments of time and effort. We are committed to being a part of the solution.

 Empowering lives through multifaceted impact

Comprehensive change approach combines targeted projects, education, and community engagement.

Fostering change by nurturing community resilience

Core focus: empowering communities, collaborating with leaders for sustainable solutions.

Ensuring accountable impact with every contribution

Transparency is our foundation. We provide transparent financial reports, ensuring every donation is channeled to the right places, driving accountable and impactful change.

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