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Golden Eagle Foundation’s Dual Mission: Building Homes and Supporting Elderly Lives

December 18, 2023
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In a heartwarming demonstration of compassion and dedication, the Golden Eagle Foundation is embarking on two transformative initiatives—constructing a new residence for the Mamaqi family from Bubqi in Fushë Krujë and providing support to 85-year-old Nënë Nazja to cover her living expenses..

Building Homes for Families in Need: The Mamaqi Project

Today, the Mamaqi family of Bubqi, Fushë Krujë, received uplifting news about the commencement of the construction of their new home by the Golden Eagle Foundation. This initiative follows the public revelation of the challenging living conditions faced by this family of three members.

Mr. Shaqir Palushi, the director of the Golden Eagle Foundation, personally conveyed the news to the Mamaqi family. The foundation’s commitment to improving the quality of life for families in need is evident in this project, aiming to provide a secure and comfortable living space for the Mamaqi family.

The Golden Eagle Foundation initiated the “5 lekë për bamirësi” campaign in Albania at the beginning of October, and to date, it has successfully raised approximately 90,000 euros. The foundation aims to reach a total of 250,000 euros by the end of the year, intending to allocate these funds to assist families and individuals facing hardships.

Supporting Elderly Lives: Nënë Nazja’s Story

In a separate but equally impactful endeavor, the Golden Eagle Foundation extends its solidarity to 85-year-old Nënë Nazja. After her story was published on “Report tv,” shedding light on her living conditions, she found refuge at the elderly care center “Shtëpia në Kodër.”

The foundation, moved by Nënë Nazja’s plight, has offered her assistance by providing clothing and expressing readiness to support her with medications. This gesture is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to addressing immediate needs and enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable individuals in the community.

Nënë Nazja expresses her newfound joy in her changed circumstances: “I slept so well and comfortably. I am very happy because I was alone, and I was scared.”These dual initiatives exemplify the Golden Eagle Foundation’s multifaceted approach to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need—constructing homes for families and providing crucial support for the elderly. Stay tuned for updates as these endeavors unfold, showcasing the foundation’s dedication to creating meaningful change within the community.

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