Frutex has installed two lines of the latest manufacturing technology from Canada, Germany and Italy.
This technology is fully digitalized and operates completely independent thanks to computer units which enable each operation to be pre-programmed and then executed depending on the type of product line. This technology is constantly being enriched with new modules.

Production line of Golden Eagle and other aluminum cans

The production line of Golden Eagle is active since 2006. In 2008, Golden Eagle installed the modern lines of digital technology with a capacity of 15,000 cans per hour.
The installation of this line was done by foreign experts, mainly German and Italian.

This line produces Golden Eagle, and other products in aluminum cans. The line is entirely digitalized and no human intervention is required in the standard production process.

Production line of Relax Juices

The Juice production line is a combined German and Slovenian modern technology that offers quantity of 7500 liters per hour. This line works according to European standards.