Relax Multi Red 0.5L

Multired 0.5l

Non-carbonated soft drink with fruit juice content. Fruit content max. 12%. Ingredients: Orange juice 5.1%, lemon 5.0%, grapes 1.0%,
blueberries 0.1%, blackberries 0.1%, additives 0.1%, raspberries 0.3%, cherries 0.1%, black currants 0.2%, water, sugar, citric acid (E330), vitamin C. Preservatives E211 and E202 (240mg / l) , E242. Dry matter min. 10%. Pasteurized. Shake well before use. Store in a dark, dry place.


High-quality fruit juice with a maximum of 12% fruit composition. Produced according to the highest quality standards. Ideal for family consumption. High technology packaging guarantees the freshness of the liquid.


Does it contain sugar?

Yes, Relax products contain sugar. 

Where can I buy it?

You can buy our products in all market in Kosovo.

Does it contain alcohol?

No, our products doesn't contain alcohol.