About Us

About us

Frutex was founded in 1994 in a very rough situation for businesses but thanks to founder peseverence, our company never gave up and kept growing.

In 1999 our company was robed and demolished which result in stopping the entire function. After the war in the late 1999, Frutex founders immediately started the re-construction of the company and started the work. In the same year, Frutex started working with a small production capacity and old technology.

Continuing the growth

After some time, Frutex changes the location and invests in more modern infrastructure of production. Also it increases the number of employee and product quality. In May of 2006, Frutex started producing a new product called Golden Eagle.

This product was spread very fast in the market because of the high quality and high nutrition values. Seeing the success of Golden Eagle, our company increased the production capacity and invested in marketing campaigns to increase awareness about energy drink products. After that, Golden Eagle was the product everyone wanted.