Golden Eagle Junior

golden eagle junior

Most wanted energy drink in Kosovo, present in the market since 2006. Golden Eagle brings energy and increases your focus. Known as the best drink to resist late-night work or study.

The junior edition is produced for children and does not contain caffeine  taurine.


Caffeine and taurine-free energy drink. Main ingredients: water, sugar, citric acid E330, CO2 min.3gr Sodium citrate E331, flavor colored with E150a and E101, Vitamins (niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, B12). Dry matter min.10%.

  • Consumable by all ages
  • Does not contain Caffeine
  • Does not contain Taurine
  • Does not contain alcohol


Can diabetic people drink energy drink?

Golden Eagle contains sugar and it's not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

Golden eagle already has a sugar-free product. (Golden Eagle Sugar-Free)

Who controls the quality of Golden Eagle?

Frutex SH.P.K. pays special attention to the product quality and maintenance. For this, we have developed strong cooperation with a lot of laboratories and global quality-check institutions like:

  • Austrian institution LAW GmbH
  • National institute of public health of Kosovo
  • Institution of Agriculture of Kosovo
  • In-House Laboratory of our company


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Ku prodhohet Golden Eagle dhe pijet tjera Frutex

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