Product quality

Product quality

Frutex has installed a strict quality control regime and this has brought concrete results in the continuous improvement of product quality. This enables us to offer our customers the best products in the country.

Frutex pays special attention to product quality and maintenance. For this, we have developed strong cooperation with a lot of laboratories and global quality-check institutions like:

  • Austrian institution LAW GmbH
  • National institution of public health of Kosovo
  • Institution of Agriculture of Kosovo
  • In-House Laboratory of our company

European standard technology

We have not spared the commitment and investments in creating adequate conditions for quality production according to European standards. Our products are also supervised by Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, and so far we have achieved only positive results, and we continue to remain committed to keep improving our products quality.

ISO Standards

You can be part in increasing our product quality

We are open and interested in receiving your opinions/suggestions about our product quality.
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